Frequently Asked Questions

I have read that I need a light box with 10,000 lux? Your product gives 2,500 lux? Is that enough?

Yes. Lux is lumen per square meter. As the reflective screen is 3cm from your eyes, then the amount of light you get is the same as if you were sitting in front of a rectangular (40x60cm) 10,000 lux light box with in a distance of 70cm.

Can I read a book or use a tablet PC while using SEQINETIC™?

Yes. It is a good idea! Especially if it’s a good book!


Will they fit me?

Yes. A pair of SEQINETIC fits everyone with one nose and two ears.


Are the SEQINETIC™ “sun” glasses comfortable to wear?

Yes. We have been wearing them for quite some time and have not experienced any problems.


Where can I use SEQINETIC™?

Anywhere! To minimize the risk of accident use them in familiar and well-lit environments.


Can I drive a car or use power tools while using SEQINETIC™?

No. Don’t do anything that can put yourself or others in danger. Depending on the contrast between the light surrounding you and the light of the glasses, your vision quality may be reduced. If you want to go for a spin, use your exercise bike.


What kind of quality can I expect and what materials are used?

The same quality you get from a pair of standard sport sunglasses. SEQINETIC™ is made in robust ABS plastic with dark red (claret) and dark grey parts and a nosepiece in black Neoprene. The reflector is white.


When will I receive my SEQINETIC™?

Please consult the 'Buy' page for updated information. Please allow for up to 15 days for international shipping.


What is the weight of SEQINETIC™?

A pair of SEQINETIC™ with 2 x AAA batteries ready to use weighs around 64 grams. That's more or less the double of a 'normal' pair of sports sun glasses. 


I use glasses. Can I wear my SEQINETIC™ at the same time?

Obviously, the nose supports 'fights' over the same area on the nose. We have tested the product on various eye wear users. It works very well.

SEQINETIC works well with most types of frames. Heavy frames may pose a problem.
SEQINETIC works well with most types of frames. Heavy frames may pose a problem.

However, none of the glasses we have tested in combination with SEQINETIC™ were of a heavy frame type. If the glasses have a very heavy frame the combined use may be uncomfortable. So the answer is: It depends - but probably there will be no problems.

I have latex allergy. Can I use SEQINETIC™?

The soft nose piece is made of Neoprene of the same type used for many sport sunglasses. No natural rubber (latex) has been used and thus the nose piece do not carry the allergenes normally associated with natural rubber allergy. If in doubt please seek expert advise.


Why is SEQINETIC™ so relatively inexpensive?

Our goal has been to make a no-nonsense easy-to-use product with a great technical performance making this type of light available to as many as possible.

My new pair of SEQINETIC™ do not work! What do I do? 

1. Check if the batteries are charged. A standard pair of AAA batteries will last around 2 hours. Rechargeable batteries work well. 2. Check if the battery clips inside the frame has good contact to the batteries. If required adjust the battery clips by carefully bending the clips.