17 October, 2015


Daylight savings begin in Europe on 25 October!

26 September, 2015


Super Moon - reflected light is beautiful and fascinating! 

20 July, 2015


10 May, 2015

Winter is approaching in New Zealand. Some grey days ahead! Now is the time to consider getting a pair of SEQINETIC™?!

16 April, 2015


Soon it will be time to use real Sun Glasss again!

This year we'll keep the shop open.

Have a great Summer!

14 January, 2015

SEQINETIC™ mentioned in Inhabitat.

21 December, 2014


Winter Solstice: The shortest day of the year!

27 November, 2014

SEQINETIC™ is available for immediate dispatch. We ship worldwide.

24 November, 2014

All pre-ordered SEQINETIC™ will be shipped this week.

All new orders will be shipped on a first bought, first served basis.

Thanks you for your trust in our product and our company!

29 October, 2014


Danish scientists say they have identified the underlying reason why some people are prone to the winter blues. Story from the BBC in English here and from Ekstra Bladet (Danish newspaper) here.

7 October, 2014


Without powerful white LEDs it would have been impossible to make SEQINETIC™ light therapy glasses. We are pleased that the physicists behind the fundamental discoveries (done only 20 yrs ago) have been rewarded with a Nobel Prize in Physics. Congratulations to the team behind the bright light LEDs! 

22 September, 2014

Melatonin is secreted into the blood by the pineal gland in the brain. Known as the "hormone of darkness," it is produced when the eye is not exposed to light. Too much melation and you feel tired.

13 September, 2014


The Autumn is approaching! Pre-order your SEQINETIC (the new improved model 2015) now and save EUR 15.00. Limited time only. Delivery October 2014!


15 August, 2014

Preparing the design of the 3rd generation of SEQINETIC. Pre-sales (for a limited period only) will start soon. Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept informed. 

10 April, 2014

Thank you for a fantastic winter season. Let's enjoy the Spring and Summer!

18 December, 2013


Beautiful winter sunset in Finland (photo courtesy of Harri from Helsinki)

12 December, 2013


The 2nd generation of SEQINETIC™ is now on stock! We have made a lot of improvements. Only the high quality of the light and the reasonable price are unchanged!

11 December, 2013


Make someone happy! The best Christmas present is wearable light! All orders are dispatched within a few days!

1 December, 2013


November has ended! In 20 days the days will become longer again!


Still time to order SEQINETIC as a Christmas present!

11 November, 2013


Due to the overwhealming interest, we are sold out!


But fear not: New SEQINETICs are being produced as we speak. In fact, we have updated the design a bit:


- Much easier and robust way to change the batteries

- New elegant claret coloured frame

- Sligthly darker grey parts

- A nose piece that sits firmly in place

The improved SEQINETIC™ - available: early December 2013
The improved SEQINETIC™ - available: early December 2013

If you want to make sure that you get the product in the beginning of December, then please pre-order in our shop!


Special offer: Pre-order before the end of November 2013, and we offer a discount of EUR 10.00 for your patience!

24 October, 2013:


SEQINETIC #25 on's list of 88 High-tech Eyeglasses!

12 October, 2013:


All pre-orders and orders have been shipped to customers all over the world.


The days are getting shorter - here is the chart for Stockholm. Our Swedish friends pay a high price for their wonderful Summer nights!

19 September, 2013:


SEQINETIC™ mentioned in Russian

9 September, 2013:


We now - and until the end of September 2013 - accept pre-orders of SEQINETIC™.


Pre-orders will have a discount of  10,00 compared to the list price of

SEQINETIC™ for the 2013-2014 season of 69,00.


All pre-orders will be shipped to customers no later than 15 October 2013.


Until then: Let's enjoy the sunbeams!

Vilhelm Hammershøi: "Dust motes dancing in the sunbeams" (1900)
Vilhelm Hammershøi: "Dust motes dancing in the sunbeams" (1900)

13 February, 2013:

30 January, 2013:


Osobiste słońce (in Polish: Your own personal sun)!

11 January, 2013:


Danish newspaper Politiken allocating 1/2 broadsheet page for SEQINETIC™: "I know the feeling. The alarm clock rings in the morning and the darkness feels like asphalt around the body..."

6 January, 2013:


SEQINETIC™ in Swiss Radio & Television (in German): "Januar ist Winterblues-Zeit. Die Medizin dagegen ist Licht. Viel Licht. Helles Licht..."

4 January, 2013:


Happy New Year: No more winterblues on Brandenburger Tor, Berlin (video in German):

28 December, 2012


SEQINETIC™ featured in

30 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ featured in 'Hot or Not' list of Australian TV Show The Living Room.

29 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ featured in

25 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ featured in Channel 4's The Sunday Brunch Show.

20 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ in Mashable: "While a quick getaway to sunny Mexico may cure your winter blues, one company has devised a cheaper and longer-term alternative to escape shorter, darker days...."

19 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ featured in Evenimentul (Romania): Ochelarii care tratează depresia!

18 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ mentioned in SongMoi (Vietnam): Xua tan mùa Đông ảm đạm với kính Seqinetic Glasses!

16 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ is featured in Belgian Voor de Show - the real fun starts at 2:20: 

16 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ in Deze bril simuleert zonlicht zodat je de kille winter door kunt komen.

15 November, 2012


The Daily Mail:


15 November, 2012


We are very proud and honored: SEQINETIC™ has just been included in the permanent collection of the Copenhagen-based Medicinsk Museion showcasing more than 300 years of health innovations!   

15 November, 2012


Photo of the day in The Telegraph:

13 November, 2012


Mentioned by Geekologie.

7 November, 2012


Danish industrial tycoon Jørgen Mads Clausen, chairman of Danfoss, tries on a pair of SEQINETIC™. Even billionaires want to avoid the winter blues! (Photo used by kind permission. Thanks, Jørgen, for always supporting small companies.)

Jørgen Mads Clausen, Danfoss
Jørgen Mads Clausen, Danfoss

2 November, 2012


SEQINETIC™ is on the frontpage of Danish Newspaper Ingeniøren:

18 October, 2012


SEQINETIC™ among the 10 most popular projects among the readers of Danish newspaper for engineers, Ingeniøren.


Please vote for us here!

17 October, 2012


Smart glasses (in Russian)!

8 October, 2012


We are presently out of stock of SEQINETIC™. New stock is on it's way. Please sign up for our newsletter at the 'buy' page of this site for more info on when the product is back on stock. We apologize for the inconvenience!

28 August, 2012


SEQINETIC™ nominated for the New Product of the Year Awards by the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren (The Engineer).

16 April, 2012 (in French): Lunettes et lumière contre la dépression saisonnière

29 March, 2012


The Fab Web - The 10 most unusual spectables!

27 March, 2012


Sonnebrillen Scout (in German)

15 March, 2012


SEQINETIC™ against jetlag: Article (in Danish) in Ekstra Bladet

10 March, 2012


Behind the scenes: A journalist from Pro7 - one of the biggest German TV stations - getting out of a Tesla at CeBIT while wearing SEQINETIC™. No winter blues, only smiles!

1 March, 2012


Infolunette (in French)

22 February, 2012


SEQINETIC will be exhibited at CeBIT (Hall 8 - Stand C20) under the Wearable Technology theme:

14 February, 2012


Featured by Linsbloggen (in Swedish)

8 February, 2012


Featured by Engadget (in German)


Featured by Gogogadget (in German)

February 6, 2012


Featured by Óptica & Visión (in Spanish) 

January 23, 2012

SEQINETIC™ live on air at DR P4 Copenhagen
SEQINETIC™ live on air at DR P4 Copenhagen

20 January, 2012


Featured by

19 January, 2012


Aftenshowet - "The Evening Show" - (at approx. 13:00) at Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation):

18 January, 2012


The 19:30 News at TV2 Lorry

17 January, 2012


Article and web-TV (in Danish) on 

15 January, 2012


If you would like to be updated on the availability of SEQINETIC™ then please sign up for our newsletter on the 'Buy' page.

6 January, 2012


Featured by PSFK.

3 January, 2012


Featured by Optometric Services Inc. (OSI), Canada's Largest Network of Optometrists.

2 January, 2012


Featured by

21 December, 2011


The SEQINETIC™ Project got 104% funded on the Kickstarter crowdfunding portal. Thanks to all 95 Backers.

18 December, 2011


We have modified the design of the Reflector so it is easy to remove. Why? Then you get a very powerful and cool headlamp!  

December 13, 2011


Revista Galileu (BR) - yes, from Brazil...!? 

December 12, 2011


Techgear (GR)

December 11, 2011


Core77 (US) - "reverse sunglasses to see light of day" (US) - "mood enhancing anti shades"


NBC Bay Area (US) - "these babies come in red and grey"


Wall Street Journal (US) - even bankers get the blues...

December 9, 2011


Ingeniøren (DK) - "crowdfunding..."


Technobob (US) - "reverse sunglasses"

November 30, 2011


A Gift Certificate is now available for download on the Buy page.

November 29, 2011


"Genialt!" (English: Brilliant!)


SEQINETIC™ mentioned by Danish Gadgetzonen (in Danish)

November 26, 2011


The Danish Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Morten Østergaard (re)tweets a SEQINETIC™ message in Danish.

November 24, 2011


"...the product is awesome"


SEQINETIC™ mentioned by Swiss (in English)

November 20, 2011


As the Danish poet Henrik Nordbrandt wrote back in 1986:


"The year has 16 months: November

December, January, February, March, April

May, June, July, August, September

October, November, November, November, November"


So true.