SEQINETIC™ - 'wearable light'

SEQINETIC™ "sun" glasses feature 6 powerful LEDs and a reflector. The reflector bounces soft white "daylight" around your eyes but not directly into them, improving your mood.


No need to change your morning routines just because it's autumn or winter! While using SEQINETIC™ light glasses you can listen to music, check your email, read the newspaper, use your mobile phone - or just relax a bit.

The light is harmless and 100% UV-free, and the "sun" glasses are powered by two ordinary AAA batteries - rechargeables work just fine.


The glasses are made from sturdy ABS plastic and with a soft nose piece of Neoprene. They are quite comfortable and very easy to use. Just turn them on and off on using the switch on the top of the glasses.


SEQINETIC™ is designed so that it fits almost anyone with one nose and two ears. 

SEQINETIC™ delivers 2,500 lux from a reflector area of 1.6" x 1.2" (that's 4.0 cm x 3.0 cm) with a distance of 2.0" (or 5.0 cm) from the eye. This is equivalent of sitting 31" (80 cm) from a square light source of 10,000 lux with the dimensions 16" x 24" (or 40 cm x 60cm). The light looks white but contains a lot of blue light. The light is UV-free.  


The light spectrum of SEQINETIC™:


An interview (from Danish news site - apologies: in Danish only) from the advanced testing labs at The Danish Fundamental Metrology Institute which assisted us during the development phase: